5 things to consider before attacking in Frontier Justice.

It can’t be that hard, right?

Select the target. Click on the attack option, and then march upon your unsuspecting foe. Sounds easy, right?

Well, yes, if your intent is to both make it as expensive for yourself as possible, whilst just causing a little 3 seconds panic attack to whoever was your objective.

“But Lanius, it can’t be that complicated”, you say.

Well, that is debatable.

Here are 5 things you should consider, before hitting the attack button.

1.- You stand to lose all your troops. There is a little workaround around that, which we will touch on a further article, but until your boss level reaches 37, this is the case. The process of making troops is a long, expensive one. In a failed attack, you can lose up to a 100% of your troops in a single unfortunate move. The time it takes to set up a proper march, without paying, is about 1.5 to 2 months. Hence, we do not want to lose.

2.- Your supplies and buffs. For the uninitiated, these things are not apparent, they do not know it can be done, but the reality is, you should tune up each one of these to make sure your attack has the most impact.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • You’ll want, at least, 2 advanced migration items; hopefully 3. One to go into location, one to come back. A third one, to escape a possible counterattack that would overpower your defenses.
  • Skills resets; You’ll want another 2. You need your skill tree on red; the attack tree, and boosting the type of troop you are attacking with. ( — We’ll go into which troops do the attacking in the future, do not worry). Naturally, you do not want to stay on the red tree on the phases you are growing, as you lose out on beneficial % discounts and skills you get on the other skill trees. Therefore, one skill reset is needed to go into red, and the other one, to go back to blue or green.
  • The buffs. There are defense buffs, attack buffs, and march capacity buffs. They are not the only ones, but they are the most important. Buffs come relatively cheaply, you really want at least the 20% one for both attack and defense. The march capacity can come in handy, specially if the target is big. However, this one is not cheap.

That makes up for the MOST basic supply kit you need, to make a serious attack. Abandoned cities are not serious attacks. You do not need this preparation for those.  You must use your common sense, but by serious, we mean an active player, inside of an active posse, who is around your level.

Our supply list comes out at 6000 gold for teleports, another 2000 gold for our skills resets, and the buffs will cost us 250 for the attack buff, 250 for the defense buff, and 1500 for the march capacity buff. Let us close at an even 10.000 gold to make a serious attack. Using, I should repeat, our most basic supply kit available. We are not considering march speed ups, healing speedups, if applicable, and shields.

Attacking effectively is an expensive business.

3.- Your troop formation. Not all formations are created equal. The different troops at our disposal, all have a different role, and all have different strengths and weaknesses. Consider them, if you will, tools in the toolbox. You want to use the right tool for the right job.

This is simple enough, however, there are caveats. Big caveats.

To know about troop formations and counters, please access here:


4.- The diplomatic implication of your attacks, and your standing with your posse and State. Most states go with a rule of either full peace during non-kill-event times or establish a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) for the top 10, 15, 20, etcetera. 

Breaking these rules, could make you a target, either of who was attacked, or of his friends, or allies. Furthermore, you could expose your own posse members to retaliation attacks. You could lose your position on your posse and be kicked out, or you could start a war, which will take many innocents with it, and have a detrimental effect on the server.

5.- Your Reasons. Why do you want to attack? Did the person previously attack you? is he an insufferable idiot? Are you looking for resources? Or just want to have some fun and enjoy the thrill of the hunt?

Well, All of those are valid reasons. Just carefully consider the pros and cons of the attack. If your reason was being attacked first, it would be better to notify your r5 and r4 so they can be ready. If the second option, please consider the previous consideration; the diplomatic implications. For the third option, just consider the costliness of attacking itself, and consider that on this game, obtaining resources from raiding is extremely difficult, given the concealed resource mechanic.

Finally, for the fourth option, remember that there are always kill events. Where you can enjoy attacks without repercussions as the ones you could stand to face if the attack takes place during the week, or on a protected alliance.

If after these considerations, you still decide to perform the attack, here you will find a step-by step-guide on attack procedure. Furthermore, if the state guardians have decided to exile you from your warrying behavior, soon you will find a full rogue guide. Make them reconsider their decision. Hey, at some point, negotiating peaceful terms is better than have a rogue agent in the state. Take it from someone who was at both extremes of that situation.  As a leader, You do NOT want a rogue.

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