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A few words of welcome.

Hello and welcome to my humble corner of the internet. Please, you are more than invited to sit, relax, get yourself a cup or a glass of your preferred drink, and we can discuss our favorite hobby together: Video Games.

You will find me posting more about the mobile MMORTS (Massive multiplayer online Real-Time Strategy) genre, but we will have a little bit of everything, I promise.

What is an MMORTS game?

Well, I am glad you asked. Essentially, the MMORTS is a multiplayer game, that focuses on the aspects of base-building, resource management, and both PVP and PVE combat. The concept itself I find to be genius; the application so far of this concept has been… less than ideal. Its all about competing and having fun. Mix in classic elements of the RTS genre, the possibility of meet and befriend people from all over the world, and make android and IOS the main plataform for your game, and you got yourself a mobile MMORTS.

Maybe you already know this genre. Maybe you are curious of it. Maybe you are wondering why is this so called gamer talking about mobile games!? (Hey, don’t judge a book by its cover — We’ll get into that later). But either way, on this site you will learn the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about this genre, You will have my honest 2.5 year veteran opinion about if you should get into one of these in the first place; and if you do decide to go ahead, you will get all the No-Fuss information I can provide about these games.


Hello, you can call me Lanius. I have been a hobbyist gamer ever since I have use of reason. My particular favorite genre is strategy games, but I also enjoy RPG’s and Survival games. Lately I’ve found myself diving into the mobile MMORTS market, and the purpose of this blog will be to bring you honest, no-fuss information about everything there is to know about said industry.

We’ll also discuss PC games within the mentioned categories, do reviews, guides, and everything this medium allows me to.